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It is time again for a weekly recipe roundup, full of the freshest, most delicious recipes I could find, and since I’ve been keeping things themed to a certain degree, I figured I’d try my hand at another theme near and dear to my heart: fruit. Yes, fruit is wonderful as it provides us with vitamin C, natural sugars, antioxidants, and above all wonderfully sweet flavors that no other food can provide. Therefore, today I have five recipes that all feature fruit in some way. Oh, and they’re all vegetarian or vegan of course. Wouldn’t be VegOnline if they weren’t! So let’s get started and take a look at this fruity meal!

raw vegan fruity green smoothieRaw Vegan Fruity Green Smoothie (Healthy Blender Recipes)

Every good meal needs a good drink, but how often can a good meal consist of a good drink? Green smoothies are nothing new for us here at the site, but I just can’t overstate their greatness. Healthy Blender Recipes provides us a simple vegan version (all green smoothies are simple by the way) that packs in a few healthy vegetables with a bunch of fruits, particularly apples, oranges, pineapples, and grapes. Yum yum! This is one beverage that you can take with you on your way somewhere or when you’re in a hurry, or just make it for a dinner party and have people get a taste of the green smoothie sensation. Both good!

fruit creamFruit Cream (Manjula’s Kitchen)

One of the delightful aspects about fruit is how mild it can be, making it a great way to start a full meal or just worth within the meal provided. Manjula’s Kitchen has this mouth-wateringly tasty recipe for the simply named fruit cream, which is exactly what it sounds like, mixing some whipped cream up with some mango, some orange, some pineapple, some strawberry, some grape, and some banana, plus walnuts and almonds for good measure since nuts are a simple means of adding protein and savory flavors to a normally sweet dish. I’d gladly take a bowl of this right now!

minted fruit compoteMinted Fruit Compote (Recipe.com)

Sometimes you just don’t want anything too complicated and want to get right to the good part. This recipe for minted fruit compote from the aptly named Recipe.com is a brilliantly simple compromise, tossing in somewhat unorthodox fruits together to make a unique fruit salad of sorts. It has pineapple, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, and even some pomegranate, plus a bit of crushed mint to really make this a cooling treat. Perfect for a hot day when you need some real sustenance but want to find a way to cool down as well. Has fruit steered you wrong yet?

fruit and toasted almond stuffingFruit and Toasted Almond Stuffing (Vegetarian Times)

But with all meals, there comes a time when you just want to stuff yourself to the rafters and be done with it, slinking away to engage in a glorious food-induced siesta. That’s where this recipe for fruit and toasted almond stuffing from Vegetarian Times comes into play. What better to stuff yourself with than, well, stuffing? The perfect fusion of sweet and savory, you get a rich, deeply comfortable amount of filling with the mixture of fruits and vegetables as well as some whole-wheat bread cubes, leaving you full and satisfied. What more could you ask for?

vegan apple carrot muffinsVegan Apple Carrot Muffins (Yummly)

I’ll tell you what you could ask for! You could ask for dessert! I’d be remised to leave off a tasty finale to an otherwise wonderful meal, so here you go, one recipe for vegan apple carrot muffins from Yummly coming right up! Sometimes you just don’t need something that’s overly sweet to cap off a meal, perhaps even something that hits a good, even temper. I love apples and I love carrot cake, so mixing the two is just a match fit for excessive consumption. And best of all, a batch of muffins can’t typically be eaten all at once, leaving you with something for breakfast and snacking in the days to come! Fantastic!

There you have it, five new recipes with fruit as the theme. Now it’s time to get your take. What are some of your favorite fruit-based recipes? Do you have simple ways of cooking individual fruits that are just irresistible? Or are you more about a grand presentation with many different and unique flavors? Leave a comment and let me know! In the meantime, I have some apple carrot muffins to consume.