• Sumo

When celebrities make a decision to do something, their actions are immediately and hugely amplified. That’s a powerful thing to wield. Some celebrities choose to use their clout for positive change, while others ignore it and simply live their lives.

The vegetarian diet is considered a form of activism by many, because one actively chooses to not participate in the food industry.  When a celebrity endorses a specific diet – or does so passively by following it themselves – people are more prone to be open to it. Many celebrities over the years have chosen the path of vegetarianism as right for them, and people are more aware of the diet as a result. Here is a list of some of the more notable vegetarian celebrities:


Ellen DeGeneres

Paris Hilton

Mary Tyle More

Leonard Nimoy

Alec Baldwin

Dennis Kucinich

Steve Jobs

Yoko Ono

Chelsea Clinton

Jane Goodall

Woody Harrelson

Natalie Portman

Sir Paul McCartney

Bill Clinton

Bob Marley

Bob Dylan

Elijah Wood

Faith Hill


Historical Figures:

Leonardo Da Vinci

Albert Einstein




Sir Issac Newton

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mark Twain

Leo Tolstoy



Upton Sinclair

Allen Ginsberg

Benjamin Franklin

Henry Ford

HG Wells

Mahatma Ghandi

Cesar Chavez