• Sumo

Well, it certainly took me long enough to get to this, but it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: Sex. We see claims getting tossed back and forth on a regular basis about what can and cannot improve your love life, and one bit of wisdom seems to crop up more often than not: Vegetarians make better lovers. Is this all just a bunch of wishful thinking, or does vegetarianism indeed improve your love life? Let’s find out!

Now, I’m not about to pretend I’m an expert on intimate love here as I know a thing or two but not enough to understand everyone in the world. However, I have a good grasp on what’s up and what’s not, and from a very blatant position of “duh,” all I can say is that a vegetarian diet is clearly designed to make sexual performance much easier. But hey, no celebrating just yet! I’ve still got more article to get through!

The main reason behind everything in favor of the vegetarian diet when it comes to the bedroom is that the diet itself is meant to improve one’s overall health, specifically by lessening the intake of fat and increasing the amount of natural energy they have. Also, someone who’s a vegetarian is more likely to be interested in physical health to the point of working out regularly, which will increase stamina and body strength. So from a purely scientific standpoint, of course a vegetarian diet is structured better for doing the bad dance on the good foot.

However, and this can’t be stated strongly enough, this isn’t something we can wield as a weapon. When searching for facts on the subject, the rhetoric became very clear that the notion of vegetarians having good sex wasn’t just to say, “Hey, I’m a vegetarian and my love life is great!” Rather, the point of most articles is to say very blatantly, “Look how pitiful those lousy meat-eaters are in bed! We make such better lovers!” Facts are facts, and it doesn’t take a scientist or a study of any sort to see pretty clearly that everyone is capable of great lovin’ and that while diet can play a part, it isn’t everything.

My fear here is that the core of truth is tainted by how we decide to express it. Walking around with an air of superiority is not going to mean much if you’re turning things into a literal, ahem, “member” measuring contest. Yes, our diet makes it easier for us to perform when we’re good at it, but no diet instantly turns you into Tom Selleck (Tom Selleck is still the standard for manliness, right? Meh, we’ll go with Brad Pitt just to be safe since he’s also vegan).

But back to why eating veg is good for your love life, there’s one little bit that even proper hygiene can’t change: Vegetarians smell better. Yes yes, this is getting back into the realm of “We’re better than you, nyah nyah!” but just give it a moment here. If you regularly shower and follow a clean lifestyle that also happens to include eating vegetarian or vegan meals, you will smell better even when you sweat purely because meat contains something or other that actually does produce a greater scent while sweating. It’s strange, but this could be one aspect of a vegetarian’s love life they can be very proud of.

All things considered, the goal here is not to have some special quality over anyone else but rather just to have a healthier life. Plus, if it happens to transition over to the bedroom and improve aspects there, hey, more power to you and the diet then! It’s all about love when you get to the heart of the issue here, so be happy with your food choices. And remember that fruit is always more sensual than a turkey leg. Strawberries always win over the beef jerky!