• Sumo

One of the saddest aspects of the vegetarian lifestyle is the easy fad nature of it and a lot of its dietary parts. This means that as soon as someone comes up with something that genuinely works to improve health using a vegetarian method, there’s an initial positive response, followed by a swarm of people rushing to it, and then leaving in droves once a new fad appears. Right now, one of these fads is the green smoothie, but while it may ultimately get left behind, that would be a huge mistake. Here are the top 5 benefits of drinking green smoothies.

5. They Taste Great

A lot of people won’t even need to move past the first item here on the list as it’s arguably the most important. Do green smoothies taste good? Absolutely. The difference between juice and a lot of smoothies comes down to a general mixture of fruits and vegetables equaling a ratio of 60% fruits to 40% veggies, meaning the sweet fruit taste will be the most noticeable while the vegetable taste will help temper said sweetness so it’s not overbearing. You’d be surprised how regularly you can drink them for any meal of the day, so they make a great breakfast option.

4. Simpler Than Regular Meals

The total process of making a green smoothie- clean-up included- is usually under five minutes. All you need to do is pull out a good blender, stick in the fruits and veggies you’ll be mixing up, add in some yogurt and the like, and you’re ready to start consuming. That simple! Few other meals, vegetarian or otherwise, are as streamlined as this. And afterward, just a quick rinse and all clean. Even better, green smoothies are portable, so you can make them and head out the door.

3. Increased Nutritional Content

One thing a lot of people don ‘t realize when drinking juice from a juicer is both how much food is actually wasted, as well as how much nutrition is being lost. The strange thing is, even eating most fruits and vegetables normally won’t get you as much nutrition as you’d think. Weirdly, plant cells are notoriously difficult to break, so just munching on some spinach leaves won’t break things up enough to really provide the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Enter the mighty blender! A strong blender, like the ones seen on Will It Blend? are perfect for the job. Even a standard blender will work great for unlocking every extra bit of nutrition possible.

2. Weight Loss!

Ah! The ultimate diet benefit! Who hasn’t listed “simple and effective weight loss” as one of the main reasons they switched to a vegetarian diet? Well, because of that extra nutritional content, the lack of waste, and the convenience of meal-replacements, green smoothies help to trim the fat and cut to the chase. You’ll start losing weight even faster (though still very naturally and safely) when turning meals into smoothies. After all, blending your fruits and veggies together is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to ensure you’re eating your daily requirement! Though part of the reason for this weight loss is because…

1. Your Body Works at Peak Efficiency

The human body is built to run off of nature’s goodness. Packing in this much nutrition, including fiber, only succeeds in getting your body ready for just about anything. Your immune system gets a boost. Your energy levels get a boost. You become far more…regular. And best of all, your mind feels quite a lot clearer when all is said and done. Having trouble focusing usually? Green smoothies have got that simple-to-digest answer! Everything about the green smoothie is there to keep your body function at 100% for longer, making it the best reason to start drinking some during your regular week.

Are green smoothies a miracle cure for what ails you? No, not exactly. But do they deserve to be something that people stick with much longer than the fad? Yes! Few other food items can beat the health benefits, convenience, and simplicity of a green smoothie. Why not try one today?