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Everywhere you look, some website is offering you the secret to a slim waistline, pushing the miracle pill that burns all fat, or the great trick that turns you into the exact body type you want, regardless of genetics. Well, we’re not going to do that. We’re not pushing, tricking, or even revealing any tightly guarded secrets. Nope, we’re just giving some much-needed common sense tips for anyone that feels like eating smarter. Chances are, you might want to listen up.

Cut Meat From Your Diet:

You’re on a vegetarian website, so chances are you’re already a vegetarian or thinking of making the switch. Great! Cutting meat from your diet is a great first step to reduce the fat intake you’d usually be consuming during daily meals. It’s simple but it will go a long way.

Cut Out Soda As Well:

You probably don’t want to hear this, but eliminating soda (essentially carbonated sugar) is one of the single quickest and most effective ways to see fast results. You’ll gain more energy, lose a pound or two after a month, and generally just feel better. Cutting sugar here and there is always a smart choice.

Don’t Cut Out Fat Altogether:

A very common mistake for a lot of people is to assume that fat is inherently a bad thing. This is absolutely not the case. The human body, particularly the brain, needs some amount of fat every day to handle itself. As a vegetarian, you won’t be able to turn to meat for this, but cheese and eggs will easily fill the healthy fat needs. If you’re a vegan and that’s not an option, go with kidney or garbanzo beans. Remember, cutting fat from your diet may sound like an obvious choice, but it will actually result in depression caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. True story.

Make Smart Snacking Choices:

Sitting on the couch and watching a movie isn’t criminal, nor is snacking while you do so. Do be aware though that the more you eat while watching TV, the more you become accustomed to eating while viewing something to the point that you get hungry every time the TV is turned on.

That said, choosing something to snack on is a critical choice if you’d like to avoid just gaining unneeded weight. Chips, obviously, those are a bad idea. The classic celery option is wonderful, as are baby carrots. Nuts, too, are good, but make sure they’re unsalted. Unsalted almonds, for instance, are great for snacking. The goal here is mostly not to snack on carbs as carbohydrates that don’t get used are converted into sugar in the body and then stored, so essentially a loaf of bread becomes a loaf of sugar if you’re just sitting around doing nothing. Another excellent snacking food is sunflower seeds. You can spend a hour eating them and you’ll still only eat maybe a cup’s worth, plus they provide quite a bit of nutritional value. All of this is magnified if you can tolerate gong for unsalted sunflower seeds of course.

Choose The Path of Most Resistance:

When you leave your house, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the amount of calories you burn. How close do you park at a store? Park further and walk a bit. Do you take the stairs or the escalator? Do you choose to go through the automatic doors or do you open them yourself? Taking that path of most resistance will actually go a long way toward taking notches off your belt, though it’s a full life change, not a quick fix. Oh, and while we’re talking about that…

Diets Do Not Work, You Just Need To Change Your Habits:

The diet industry is rich because people want it all right now and then want to be able to go back to all their bad habits. If you believe this, you will never get in shape for anything longer than a few months at a time. Health and fitness are not qualities that just happen. They take work, they take sacrifice, and they take full life change. If you expect to get fit and then want to go right back to eating chips on the couch for long hours every day, well then you’ll just have to back to dieting all over again in a month. Break the cycle and move on.

That’s really the core here: Break the bad cycle and move on to the healthy one. You can do a lot by changing so little, but it still requires you to actually make the shift. Don’t forget to snack smart and make intelligent choices.