• Sumo

Via ESPN Women:

Why this story is on ESPN’s women website is strange – this applies most definitely to all interested in maintaining proper nutrition, particularly with the “summer bod” on the mind of many folks.

The article is fantastic for its simplicity, but mostly looks at waking up early and running and failing to eat any food prior to doing so. Skipping a meal and having no liquid in your system and then doing a workout doesn’t lend well to your body’s proper nutrition.

“If you ignore your body’s needs in the morning, you’ll be behind at the start of the day. Going for a run when you’re lacking energy never ends well; you won’t feel good during your workout and you’ll be miserable by the time you get back.”

The article goes on to reiterate that the recovery meal should not be your first of the day – it should include protein, carbs, and electrolytes to replace what the body has lost during a workout.

Nutrition is not complicated. Eat things that are good for you, take care of your body, and give yourself proper fuel after workouts.