• Sumo

As has been documented, a low-fat vegan diet can potentially reverse type 2 diabetes, and the latest celebrity to hop on that train is singer Chaka Khan, who has suggested that a juice cleanse, plant-based eating, and exercise all helped her lose 60 pounds and allowed her to escape the crutch of her type 2 diabetes medication.

Said Khan to The Detroit News: “I had Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. So I went on a radical change of lifestyle. I was on liquids for a year, and that gave me a good jump-start. It sort of changed my whole way of thinking. You have to get the mindset first.”

Because abnormally large fat droplets inside muscle cells leads to insulin resistance, a high-fat diet can cause more problems. It would stand to reason, then, that limiting dietary fats (particularly meat, eggs, and dairy) combined with weight loss from exercise can reduce insulin resistance and either reduce or eliminate the fat droplets that create resistance. Blood glucose levels improve, allowing available insulin to begin to work more effectively.

So what’s the trick?

– Whole grains

– Legumes

– Vegetables

– Fruits

All animal products – including egg whites and non-fat dairy – are out of the equation. Essentially, the type 2 diabetes sufferer must become entirely vegan, and very low fat. The fact that research has suggested that a low-fat vegan diet produces greater improvements in glycemic and lipid control than the diet the American Diabetes Association tells patients to follow speaks volumes about how potentially phenomenal such a major change can be. Yet, therein lies the problem: The dietary changes are too extreme for many, despite the high pay-off.

The trick is to slowly change over the course of time. Our free e-mail series helps, but the intensity and focus must be there. If you are serious about defeating diabetes, it can be done. You can do it!