• Sumo

These days, everyone is highly aware of their health and anything they can do to improve their life is considered well worth the cost. Unfortunately, one of the most important aspects of the world that we take for granted is the need for the sun, specifically in absorbing sunlight. By absorbing sun, we feel better and our bodies function better, but too often we aren’t really able to get what we require. Enter blue light therapy. What is it and how does it help? Let’s read on.

To be perfectly open, the specific blue light therapy device I’m familiar with and will be making reference to is the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device, a lamp that emits a mild intensity glow of blue light meant to improve health through the typical blue light therapy method. What exactly this therapy does is what I’m going to get into in just a second.

Light therapy in general is fairly common within the medical world and very frequently, we’ve all encountered someone who’s needed it at some point. Most commonly, you can think of newborn babies with jaundice needing to be kept in a special light container or near a special light in order to cure their affliction. Both myself and my sister had to go through this when infants, though again, this is not uncommon in the least.

Blue light therapy is a bit different as it is far milder than something that would involve doctor visits and expensive lamps and such. Instead, a lamp that specifically emits blue light is used, helping to treat a handful of problems but most notably Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Yes that’s right, there is a medical condition called SAD that explicitly deals with depression. That certainly doesn’t make me feel any better about the condition.

With SAD, the problem stems from a lack of natural light, which in most cases isn’t difficult to find as it’s beamed freely into your homes every morning and afternoon. However, in some places of the world and at some times of year, let’s say in the fall and winter seasons of the Pacific Northwest since that’s what I’m most familiar with, there will be very little sunlight during the day, causing SAD to occur.

SAD specifically affects energy levels, making people feel more sluggish (since your body isn’t getting added energy from the sun), plus depression can set in as both the lack of energy and lack of uplifting rays of light will sap any excitement you have left. Think of it as perpetually stuck in the “I just woke up” realm of sleep and you can see how that would be terrible.

While it would be great to just be able to go outside and resolve this naturally, if it isn’t in the clouds then it isn’t in the clouds, so more and more people are turning toward the reasonable solution of purchasing blue lights for themselves. These light boxes range in size depending on how big of a dosage you feel you need or how much a doctor has prescribed, but for the average individual feeling the seasonal slump, a simple, personal blue light lamp should work great.

Enter the Philips goLITE BLU. This little lamp is affordable ($134.99) and does exactly what you’d need as it indeed emits blue light with the express purpose of helping with seasonal depression and a lack of energy. The Mayo Clinic has even given blue light therapy the official seal of approval, meaning that this is indeed a proven method in the medical world. However, eye doctors warn against using these lamps for more time than you really need as they can start to cause eye damage, though to do that you need to be staring at the light for more than a half an hour every day. Most people just need the blue light on for five minutes a day, so your vision should be unaffected.

Helping out with depression is always an added bonus, and more energy is great, but blue light therapy also improve the sleep you do get, which I can attest to desperately needing. Sleep is just not easy anymore for anyone but the lucky few, so anything that can give me an edge on the sleep-related front is well worth it for me.

Blue light therapy is simply one of those fancy and scientific ways to describe something that’s pretty simple and harmless. We assume it has to be something elaborate involving science labs and lasers and such but it’s just a blue lamp that glows and provides the user with simple and effective benefits to their mood and energy levels.

Those interested, you can purchase the Philips goLITE BLU here.