• Sumo

The 25 biggest food and beverage companies were recently ranked by the Access to Nutrition index, and the results are horrifying. Any list where Pepsi Co. ranks fourth in nutrition has to make people shake their heads, and might appear to scream of corruption somewhere within the Bill Gates-funded organization. But it’s hard to determine the saddest part of the list: whether Pepsi ranks fourth in nutrition, or the overall scores of the companies in the top three.

Rated on a scale of one to 10, the top three companies, Danone, Unilever, and Nestle all score between 6 and 6.3. So what’s worse: That the companies with the highest nutrition rankings in the world score the grade equivalent of a “D,” or that the companies with the greatest reach so pathetically lack nutrition? At least the organization didn’t give Monstanto any credit.

The entire list as follows:

1. Danone
2. Unilever
3. Nestlé
4. PepsiCo
5. Kraft Foods Inc.
6. Grupo Bimbo
7. ConAgra Foods
8. Heinz
9. Coca-Cola
10. Kellogg
11. General Mills
12. (tied) Barilla, Campbell
14. (tied) Ferrero, Sigma
16. Mars
17. Ajinomoto
18. Hershey
19. FrieslandCampina
20. Brasil Foods
21. Nichirei
22. (tied) Lactalis, Lotte, Nissin, Tingyi