• Sumo

In this crazy world of ours, there are people who have decided to become vegetarians with the purpose of eating healthier, reducing their impact on the environment, and saving the lives of animals. Others have gone one step further and become vegan, completely doing away with animal products entirely. But did you know there’s a step even further beyond? A diet so strict that it’s nigh impossible to keep it up? No I’m not talking about a raw food diet. I’m talking about the fruitarian diet. Have you ever considered it?

What distinguishes the fruitarian diet from that of a vegan is that while you cut out meat and animal products such as eggs, dairy, and honey, you also cut out any sort of suffering to a living thing as you can possibly handle. Specifically, a fruitarian only eats fruits and other things that can be plucked from a plant that doesn’t kill or damage it in any way whatsoever. This means a lot of fruits, a lot of legumes, and a few grains. Most vegetables are naturally cut from this as most vegetables require either eating the leaves, the root, or the whole plant.

As you may have gathered, the diet is very extreme in terms of commitment. You have to be very committed to the goal, otherwise it just won’t work for you as it can be unbelievably difficult to cut most everything out of your diet, and even worse, it means that you have to be extra careful to meet your nutritional requirements, though that’s an issue I’ll get to in a moment.

Even within the fruitarian diet, there are other variations. Some don’t believe grains should be included as they aren’t technically a natural food for humans. Other won’t even eat any fruit from a tree that must be plucked, so they will only eat fruit and nuts and such that have fallen naturally. This can absolutely limit the amount of food you’re eating and cause problems if you aren’t able to acquire what you need, and can be especially troublesome if you have a medical condition that prohibits the diet.

Now, with any diet, there are some warnings, though they are much more severe here. The theory here is that a fruitarian diet is in line with what Adam and Eve ate back in the Garden of Eden, and while paleontologists have determined that there are tooth samples from ancient humans that suggest they possibly ate a diet mostly consisting of fruits, doctors today are very opposed to the fruitarian diet, even going so far as to just outright say that it isn’t possible to sustain it for long periods of time without enduring some serious medical conditions as a result of poor nutrition.

That’s really the heart of the problem though. The fruitarian diet cuts so much out there there’s hardly anything left that can compensate for what’s lacking, nearly guaranteeing in the majority of fruitarian cases that there will be vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and don’t even think about vitamin supplements as those can’t cover everything that’s lost, assuming you could count those at all since they’re made from processing all sorts of plants anyway.

Basically, if you’re considering becoming a fruitarian, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor first. But I want to know if there are any fruitarians out there today? Are you busy going about your business, eating only fruits and legumes? Can you give any advice to those wishing to try the diet out? I want to know and I’m sure there are many others who are curious! So leave a comment and let me know! I’m even going for the low-hanging fruit here!