• Sumo

There’s no denying that a vegetarian or vegan diet has quite a lot of health benefits, but what you may not know is that all vegetarian and vegan diets do actually have one inferiority to diets with meat in them. No, it’s not protein, or pretty much any vitamin or mineral that you’d readily think of. It’s actually CLA, which stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and chances are if you’re on a meatless diet, you’re going to run into a problem within it.

So just hearing the term CLA probably won’t mean much to you, but what it does means a whole lot. CLA is a potential detoxifier, promotes lean muscle mass, can enhance your metabolism, and most importantly is touted as a very important anti-cancer element. Sounds pretty good, right? So you can find some in vegetables or grains or nuts or fruits, right? Nope, you can’t. They’re found only in meat, but why is that?

Apparently, it’s because meat comes from animals that eat grass, and it’s the grass that contains the CLA in large quantities, so when we eat animals we also eat CLA, thus improving our bodies in that regard. From the sound of things, that’d be a big indicator that our lifestyles are completely inferior, right? Nope, not quite.

There is one place we can thankfully turn, and it’s the same place the animals turn: grass. No, the goal here isn’t to just eat grass, but to find a way to get all the benefits of grass without having to resort to just simply bending down and grazing for a while (especially since humans can’t tolerate eating grass in large quantities since our stomachs can’t digest lumps of grass like cows and horses can).

The answer here is to acquire the juice from grass. It sounds strange to juice grass, but it’s the only way we can obtain CLA while also maintaining a diet that’s free from meat. Luckily, grass juice is very easily chased with something else, such as fruit juice, plus some people actually enjoy the taste on its own. However, not just any grass will do, so don’t grab the ornamental grass from your front lawn. You want something that hasn’t been sprayed, so go ahead and either buy some wild cereal grass, or just grow your own.

CLA is a fairly underrated nutrient these days, but it doesn’t have to be. Adding some grass juice to your diet can give you the same benefits that meat eaters experience without actually having to eat meat. Isn’t that great? We can really eat our grass and have it as well!