• Sumo

There’s no need to remind you about how your mother and grandmother always told you that eating your leafy greens was important (and how your dad and grandpa probably nodded along but never ate theirs). You’re an adult and know darn well that the greener the veggies are, the better they are for you. But do you know why? Those curious, here are 5 reasons why you should eat your leafy greens.

5. Incredible Nutritional Value

Your mother wasn’t lying to you when she said that spinach, turnip greens, or any other number of dinner “atrocities” were packed full of vitamins and minerals and that eating them would make you big and strong. The real shame is that she didn’t go into detail about the number of vitamins and minerals at work helping you fulfill just about every single nutritional requirement with minimal effort. They’re high is vitamins A, C, E, and K, plus iron, magnesium, manganese (because we all love that one), calcium, folic acid, Omega 3 fatty acid (yay for Omega 3s!), and fiber, which means you stay regular and your body stays full of a laundry list of good things.

4. Mood Adjusters

All of those vitamins and minerals go a long way toward promoting physical health, but were you aware that they provide emotional and mental health as well? Many times, feelings of depression (mild feelings mind you) can be alleviated with the assistance of leafy greens due to a two-pronged effect. First, the nutrient-rich food gives you a significant energy increase, meaning you don’t feel tired or sluggish. Next, blood circulation is increased, so oxygen is better distributed throughout your body, potentially helping your brain function more clearly and putting things into perspective.

3. Variety

Despite the healthy aspect, food is food and needs to taste good. Thankfully, just because one form of leafy greens doesn’t do the trick doesn’t mean that none of them will. There are all sorts of green vegetables to choose from with tastes that range from the bitter side of the spectrum to the sweet end, and everything in between. A lot of the times you can simply add them to an existing meal as a supplement and enjoy the benefits that way. And you may even find that if you’re not a huge fan of salads that consist of a base of lettuce, perhaps a base of spinach will be more to your liking. Combine that with the different ways you can prepare each vegetable and you have quite a few options open for you.

2. Weight Loss

Everywhere you turn something new is trying to tell you that it can cause weight loss. Well, leafy greens are the classic diet food as they’re high in nutrients but low in fat. You can eat just a little, get full, and then not have the need to munch on something much fattier. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this realization as it’s been a fact for years and years, but a little reminder now and then doesn’t hurt.

1. Cancer Fighting Abilities

We just can’t figure out what does and doesn’t cause cancer anymore. Well, except for the case of leafy greens. We know that many types of leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, while not being able to cure cancer have been prevent to reduce the risk of cancer, as shown by the fact that individuals who typically eat an abundance of greens have a much lower risk of cancer, as well as heart disease.

So you have mood boosters, health magnifiers, weight loss supplements, cancer reducing qualities and even the fact that there are enough of them that anyone can find at least one version that they enjoy? How can you say no to leafy greens now?