• Sumo

If you’re reading this, chances are it’s in the only free time you’ll feel you have. Your maybe you’re lucky and know how to manage your time better, but for me, I’m constantly on the move and looking for ways to cut corners here and there. As a result, I can tend to go for the easy answer when it comes to food just a bit too often, which leads to bad decisions in the long run. I’m not alone though as eating healthy when in a rush can be difficult. Still, there are ways to prevent bad choices if you take a moment to think things through. Here are a few things you can do to eat quick and smart at the same time.

The big trouble is overestimating the time it takes to actually make something of any substance. The assumption is that since you’re in a hurry, there’s no time to even look for something simple and healthy, but that’s such a huge miscalculation. Think around, think hard, and look for your fruit bowl for some inspiration. Do you see an apple in there? A banana? A pear or a peach or a plum or some grapes? Fruit is just too simple to grab as you’re rushing out the door, yet it will keep you going with natural energy.

Vegetables tend not to fare as well in the “I have three seconds before I need to leave” gauntlet of our lives, but when there are a few more minutes, you’ll find that something as basic as a green smoothie is more than accessible. In fact, a green smoothie as a breakfast only takes about as much time to make as the total time between grabbing all the ingredients and stuffing them into a blender before hitting the “make this a smoothie please” button.

If you just aren’t feeling like a smoothie at the moment, wraps are nearly as simple. The thought here is that you’re too busy to really clean up after yourself, but not to worry there. Grab a tortilla (or big lettuce leaf if you’re hardcore like that), toss in some greens, maybe some sunflower seeds and some cheese, and off you go. Even a simple peanut butter wrap can turn out to be wonderful, especially if you add some strawberries, blueberries, or bananas to the mix.

Doing a bit of planning ahead of time can actually save you a ton of stress when it comes time for the quick-and-now meals. When you have a chance, slice up some fruits and vegetables, cook up some black beans or garbanzo beans, cook up some rice, basically do some of the pre-legwork here so that when you are hungry and need something right away, all the basic ingredients will be right there waiting for you, no prep time required at the moment of the meal. The most productive individual will always be he or she that takes the time to think long term rather than just in the moment.

A lot of this is just basic common sense, but a healthy reminder never hurts now and then. We always have time to eat better, even if it doesn’t ever feel that way. Taking the time to plan ahead, looking for natural options over processed ones, and generally giving yourself some time to breathe all end up going a long way toward taking you out of poor eating habits to great food choices. So get out there and be smart! Your life depends on it!