Here we are again with a weekly recipe roundup, and it just so happens this week begins with Memorial Day. Most likely, you’re sitting at home on a day off of work, planning ahead for a get-together with your family and friends later in the evening. A lot of people will naturally turn to the all-American pastime of barbecuing as it’s both delicious and rather easy to do, so in the spirit of that I figured it’d be good to take a look at some excellent vegetarian and vegan recipes to help your day along. Here’s the Memorial Day barbecue edition of the weekly recipe roundup!

chipotle hummusSmoky Chipotle Hummus Dip (Fit Sugar)

Every good barbecue is required to have some sort of dip if you ask me, so when I got a look at this smoky chipotle hummus dip from Fit Sugar, I was rather pleased. Not only does it give you the creamy benefit of hummus, but you get a great spicy flavor to join it thanks to the chipotle! I’m always more in favor of spicy food, and a barbecue is the perfect place to get this going. The smoky flavor only further exemplifies the grill and outdoor environment, giving this a full seal of approval from me. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to pull out the pretzels and go to town!

broccoli bread saladGrilled Broccoli and Bread Salad with Pickled Shallots (Food & Wine)

Were I to pick a single vegetable that I love more than anything, it may have to come down to broccoli, though it’d be a very tough fight. This recipe for a grilled broccoli salad from Food & Wine shows off exactly what I’m usually such a fan of, giving broccoli some excellent flavors to latch on to, plus adding in some rather unique partners such as bread and pickled shallots. I can fully support this partnership! It just seems like every good meal requires a salad in there somewhere, so getting it out of the way with the grilled texture only makes perfect sense here in the barbecue setting.

balsamic grilled beetsBalsamic Barbecued Beets (

I’m still fighting with myself regarding my favorite vegetable as beets are, very surprisingly, extremely tasty when done correctly. This recipe from by Jolinda Hackett for balsamic barbecued beets is not only a wonderfully alliterated recipe, but a thumpin’ delicious one at that! The strong flavor of beets can be carried throughout the meal, and as they’re barbecued, well you have your theme perfectly fit! I’m a fan of these not only for the flavor, but also the texture. Even seeing the pictures my mouth begins watering. They look similar to little sliced up weenies, don’t they? Probably don’t taste the same, but I’m starving just looking at them!

grandma's slow cooker vegetarian chiliGrandma’s Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili (Yummly)

Chili is a requirement for barbecues, in my humble opinion. You just can’t get by without a hearty bowl sitting there to fill in the cracks, so this recipe for a slow cooker vegetarian chili by Yummly, lovingly referred to as “Grandma’s” chili (respect your elders) has me dreamily thinking of the hearty, rich flavors contained within a cup, bowl, or in my case a trough of this chili. Perhaps it’s because I see kidney, garbanzo, baked, and even black beans used in the recipe, and I’m a fan of beans, but this one looks about as filling and soul-satisfying as can be. Yummly indeed!

bean and oats burgersBean and Oats Burgers (Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes)

Finally, no barbecue can be truly called such without some burger being served. Sure, you can go for a simple store-bought veggie or garden patty, but if you’re like me, you prefer to be the one assembling your food from the ground up. Holy Cow! Has quite the solution here with a bean and oats burger that’s simple but oh-so effective in meeting the need for a thick, tasty burger at a barbecue. I also love how inventive the recipe is, seeing an article in the New York Times about veggie burgers and deciding to make one themselves. That’s the spirit of good food if ever there was one! You want that perfect capper to a grilled meal, you need look no further than these burger patties.

And there you have it, another five recipes for the week to give you something to start putting together! See anything here you’d like to try? I’m certainly going to give the barbecued bets a go when I have the opportunity! Do you have any other recipes you’d like to share for a day like today? Leave a comment and let us know! Now if you’ll excuse me, those bean and oat burgers aren’t going to grill themselves.