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Earlier this week I gave a suggestion regarding how using soups, stews, and chowders, you might be able to convince your non-vegetarian friends and family members to perhaps consider switching diets, mostly due to soup and co.’s popularity and ability to be entirely vegan or vegetarian without much difficulty (you can find that article here). You may have been wondering where our weekly recipe roundup was this Monday, but the goal was to wait until later in the week and make it a special Friday Soup Edition! So here you go, five amazing vegetarian soup ideas from around the web!

broccoli cheddar soupVegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Foodista)

We have to start with one of the simplest and best soups, the broccoli cheddar, or as I like to call it to anyone who can be annoyed by me, the “Broc-Chee.” Yum! Well the Foodista has not only a fantastic and creamy variation, but a vegan option as well! That means absolutely everyone can enjoy it! Broccoli cheddar soups are so wonderful because they’re a very easy sell to anyone as they’re mild but pack a lot of warmth and flavor, making them a great option for non-vegetarians you’re trying to convince who aren’t interested in trying something too weird just yet.

cream of vegetable soupCrockpot Cream of Amazing Vegetable Soup (Savvy Vegetarian)

As I was searching for more creamy vegetarian soups, I stumbled upon the Savvy Vegetarian and began reading the recipe names, eventually stopping dead in my tracks when I found the Crockpot Cream of Amazing Vegetable Soup. Cream of amazing? Who can that be anything but excellent?! I’m sold! It’s another simple recipe that can be slipped into a larger meal, perhaps in a fully vegetarian meal with a lot of bolder choices that meat-eaters don’t usually go for, such as whole vegetables or salads. But have the Cream of Amazing soup ready and watch the faves light up, especially after you tell them the recipe’s name!

red pepper soup with balsamic reductionRed Pepper Soup with Balsamic Reduction (Vegetarian Times)

The lovely part about soup is that it doesn’t always have to be one basic, mild flavor. In fact, some of my favorite soups involve a heck of a kick when it comes to heat, but then again I’m a fan of hot spicy, foods. Vegetarian Times had this recipe here for a red pepper soup, and while it’s not off the charts in terms of heat, it does have a nice good flavor that’s a bit more than the mild stuff, which is again great for those who are worried that vegetarian diets can’t have flavor. Prove them wrong!

chunky vegetable soupVegan Chunky Vegetable Soup with Sundried Tomato Pistou (Healthy Blender Recipes)

Now and then it’s smart to just try the straight-up vegetable approach since those on a vegetarian diet should get really friendly with them as soon as possible, but that can be a very tough sell for most people, even vegetarians at times. Enter the chunky vegetable soup from Healthy Blender Recipes, including an absolutely fantastic sundried tomato pistou. Oh yum, I could just open a bag of sundried tomatoes and eat those by themselves for dinner! With this soup, you get the hearty, comforting feeling of a soup, but it’s very clear that this is a vegetable soup with beans, meaning those eating it can see that indeed vegetables can be eaten by anyone and enjoyed by all.

lentil mushroom chard soupMushroom, Lentil & Chard Soup (Delicieux)

Finally, we have to end with something on the delectable and unique side, but still in the realm of hearty and satisfying. Delicieux has just what I’m looking for with a utterly scrumptious mushroom, lentil, and chard soup that also has a slight lemon zest. This is especially great since mushrooms can be used as a great meat replacement in a number of dishes, so getting meat-eaters acquainted with them now is a step of brilliance, if I do say so myself. They’ll see the mushrooms, enjoy them (assumedly), and then realize that mushrooms can be wonderful in a number of places even outside a soup. Try making them some pasta with large mushrooms in it after this and see how they react!

And with that, you have five great and sneaky means of subtly influencing your non-vegetarian loved ones. Let me know if you find any success with this tactic! I’m dying to find out!