• Sumo

Via This Dish is Veg:

A quick blog post about a customer’s experience finding more vegan items at Whole Foods Market. The writer suggests that vegan shopping is easier now than at any time in the prior years. This is a prime example of the market expanding to include selections for growing demands from people with diet restrictions.

The new V+ label on Whole Foods 365 line has several newer items, including:

brown rice crisps and corn flake cereals
cranberry raspberry drink
can of pumpkin purée
oyster crackers
golden round crackers
organic wheat square crackers
pretzel twists
pita chips
kettle cooled potato chips
tortilla chips
almond milk

An exciting time for food purists and those seeking new and better types of food! Where are your favorite places to buy vegetarian and vegan items? Do you guys have a local spot you like to hit? Larger grocers? Farmer’s markets? Let us know where the best places to buy the best foods are!