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Dancing is more than just moving the body and tapping the feet – it’s a style that encompasses everything from attitude to style. Mary Busuttil and Ray Harris – co founders of Gorgeous Rock n’ Swing Gear – realized this from the get-go. Starting out as novices in the dance world, they had a natural knack for picking up on the nuances and intricacies of Rock n’ Swing dance during their competitions, blowing people away with not only their moves, but, more importantly, their unique, colorful clothing and dance gear. Their clothing was often coordinated and sported bright, bold colors, which enhanced their performance to the point of placing and winning in dozens of dance competitions all over Australia.

Often times after competitions, people would ask Mary and Ray where they got their clothes. They would reply that Mary had, in fact, made all their clothes by hand. Other dancers were so taken by their dance gear that they would commission Mary to make clothes for them. The inquiries were coming in with such frequency and volume, that both Mary and Ray decided that it might be time to go into business – hence, the birth of Gorgeous Rock n’ Swing Gear in 1999. The popularity of their clothing and shoe company took off so quickly that they had to retire from the dance world after over 50 first places in competitions, devoting all their time and energy to their company.

Gorgeous Rock n’ Swing Dance gear now offers 100’s of different products – many of them designed by Mary herself. In 2004 – a mere two years after Gorgeous’s inception – they emerged as the single biggest distributor of Bleyer Swing & Rock n’ Roll dance shoes worldwide. This is a remarkable feat, as they were then only distributing to markets in Australia and New Zeland – considerably smaller than other Bleyer shoe distributors in the United States. In 2008, Bleyer made the sensible decision to make Gorgeous an official Bleyer distributor in the US. Since then, Gorgeous has grown even quicker in popularity for their high quality dance gear.

And, rest assured, Bleyer dance shoes are some of the best in the world. They are renowned for their top-notch performance, quality, and durability – so much so that they are the official dance shoe supplier of Cirque du Soleil. Bleyer shoes provide dancers all across the globe with a uniquely comfortable dance shoe that lasts due to their robust and superior construction – they can even be used as normal, everyday street shoes.

In 2004, Mary and Ray visited the Bleyer Company in Germany. They found the working conditions to be of a high standard, paying living wages to its employees who worked in a clean, professional manufacturing plant – it was certainly not a sweatshop, which seems to be the norm for shoe production these days.

Due to popular demand from Gorgeous customers, Mary and Ray opened a dialogue with Bleyer about starting a vegan line of shoes. In 2010, Bleyer released their vegan line of dance shoes with an exceptionally wide choice of styles. Customers interested in purchasing animal-free shoes could choose their own colors, and even select from a long list of non-leather, synthetic material for their shoes to be made from. The result is stunning – the shoes perform at the same high level as their non-vegan counterparts.

All of these shoes from Bleyer are available on the Gorgeous Rock n’ Swing website, with a whole plethora of dance clothes to accompany them. From dancers to distributors, Mary and Ray seem to know exactly what their customers want, and they ensure that they get the very best.

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