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Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian Entrees


Find the centerpiece for your meal in this section. There are plenty of recipes here to make your mouth water and expand your culinary horizon. Read More »

Vegetarian Sides

Vegetarian Sides


There's nothing like a series of sides to make a meal complete. They can make or break the perfect meal. A load of side recipes awaits you here - and they're all fantastic. Read More »

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes


Looking for quick and easy recipes to try out in the kitchen? Our recipes section is brimming with delicious dishes waiting to be cooked up. Take a gander and see what strikes your fancy. Read More »

Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarian Lifestyle


Food is more than just a diet - it's a lifestyle. You're bound to run into some sort of conflict as a result of being vegetarian. Here are some tips to help you out. Read More »

Vegetable Nutrition Facts

Vegetable Nutrition Facts


Take a look at our nutritional profiles of dozens of common vegetables from the produce section. We break down each vegetable with information on health benefits, history, and practical tips. Read More »

Becoming Vegetarian

Becoming Vegetarian


Thinking of becoming vegetarian? There are plenty of articles, resources, and information available to you in this section. It's not as hard as you might think - give it a shot! Read More »

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition


All your vegetarian health and nutrition questions answered here. You'll find pertinent information on maximizing your health, avoiding hidden animal ingredients, and increasing your energy level. Read More »

Shopping & Products

Shopping & Products


There seems to be a product for everything these days - and manufacturers haven't forgotten about vegetarians. We help you navigate some of these products, and highlight the best of them. Read More »

Vegetarians & Sustainability

Vegetarians & Sustainability


Being a vegetarian is a step in the right direction for creating a more sustainable world. Try reading up on some of these articles to take the extra step to do even more for your environment. Read More »

Recent Posts

Fresh Lemons and Lemonade

Best Lemonade Recipe

In Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Sides On July 1, 2013 0 Comments

Sweet and sour, this lemonade recipe is the best combination around. It’s sure to be a hit during your summer parties!   Print Best Lemonade Recipe Rating: 51… Read More »

summer soup

Summer Soup

In Vegetarian Entrees, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Sides On June 28, 2013 0 Comments

A delicious combination of the best fruits of summer, this soup is classy, delicious and easy to pull together.   Print Summer Soup Rating: 41 Prep Time: 10… Read More »


17 Foods that Fight Disease

In Health & Nutrition, Vegetarian News On June 26, 2013 0 Comments

Via MSN Healthy Living: A recent list from MSN had us thinking of some of the healthiest foods a person can eat, and they tend to agree: Almost… Read More »

green and red tomato soup

Tomato and Corn Soup

In Vegetarian Entrees, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Sides On June 25, 2013 0 Comments

This delicious recipe uses ripe red tomatoes and delicious, tangy green tomatoes with sweet corn.   Print Tomato and Corn Soup Rating: 41 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook… Read More »

roquefort pear salad

Roquefort and Pear Salad Recipe

In Vegetarian Entrees, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Sides On June 22, 2013 0 Comments

This delicious salad pairs tangy roquefort with sweet pears and a perfectly complimentary mustard vinaigrette.   Print Roquefort and Pear Salad Recipe Rating: 41 Prep Time: 15 minutes… Read More »


Red Meat Consumption Promotes Diabetes?

In Health & Nutrition, Vegetarian News On June 20, 2013 0 Comments

Via Xinhuanet: Vegetarians have another apparent reason to gloat – but you probably shouldn’t do it – about not eating meat: Red meat consumption over time is associated… Read More »

french artichokes

French Artichokes Recipe

In Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Sides On June 19, 2013 0 Comments

This is a new and different way of cooking artichokes that is gaining popularity. It uses artichoke hearts which can be purchased canned or frozen, making it a… Read More »

coke school

Kids Snack Companies Still Have a Long Way to Go

In Health & Nutrition, Vegetarian News On June 18, 2013 0 Comments

Research published by the Federal Trade Commission prior to Christmas 2012 shows small nutritional improvements in foods marketed to children from 2006 to 2009, but that many of… Read More »


More Vegetable Fats = Less Cancer

In Health & Nutrition, Vegetarian News On June 18, 2013 0 Comments

Some things are difficult to say repeatedly in different ways, despite new information on that continues to appear over time. One of those things is the tie between… Read More »


Potatoes Offer Best Nutrition Per Penny

In Health & Nutrition, Vegetarian News On June 18, 2013 0 Comments

Via Nature World News: If the Irish are truly the potato lovers that stereotypes portray them as, perhaps the rest of us should follow suit: their nutritional value… Read More »

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